It's In The Works - Check Back Again!

Pastor Jim Grapp - "Salvation Is Rest"

Pastor Jim Grapp - "Repentance and Faith"

Pastor Jim Grapp - "Revival 11/23/98"

Pastor Jim Grapp - "Revival 11/26/98"

Pastor Jim Grapp - "The Power Of The Gospel" - Fresh Oil Meeting

Pastor Jim Grapp - "Ephesians 5:25-27" - Camp Achor - July 7, 1999

Pastor David Shepherd - "The Flesh - Our Greatest Enemy" - Camp Achor, Ypsilanti, MI

Pastor David Shepherd - "Lot ; The First Lost Church Member" - Camp Zion, Myrtle, MS

Dr. Percy Ray- "What We Lose By Cheating On God" - Camp Zion, Myrtle MS

Evangelist O'Neil Butler - "Things God Would Have Us Know" - Camp Zion, Myrtle MS

Evangelist E J Daniels - "The Bible ; Inerrant Or Erroneous?" - Camp Zion, Myrtle, MS

Jeffrey Shook - "Hell - A Horrible Tempest" - Fresh Oil Meeting

Jeffrey Shook - "When God Goes From Seeking To Hiding" - Fresh Oil Meeting

Evangelist Mack Hodge - "How To Worship God"

Evangelist Billy Kelly - "The Prodigal son"

David Shepherd   Lot ; The First Lost Church Member